Bibliography etc

The basic idea of this site was the fill in the gaps – the gaps between what I know and didn’t know. I’d read the biographies, heard all the LPs and still there were questions, questions, questions.

So here’s where I found some of the answers –

(This is by no means exhaustive but I’ll update it as and when I can)


Schumacher, MichaelThere but for fortune, 1996 (Rather excitingly I found this in that big bookshop in New York, what’s it called? It’s a good book and I’m ever so glad he wrote it)

Eliot, Marc – Death of a rebel : starring Phil Ochs and a small circle of friends, 1979 (It says something or other about this books shortcomings that Schumacher decided there was room for another Phil biog.)

Cohen, David – Phil ochs  : a bio-biography, 1999. (I thought I’d never be able to read this because it’s soooo expensive. Luckily I have a wonderful girlfriend. It’s a great book, a real labour of love – perfect for Ochs geeks, like me!)

Doggett, Peter – There’s a riot going on (Brilliant book, charting the history of political music. The fact that Phil features so prominently says much about the impact his music has had)

Denselow, Robin – When the music’s over (A bit like Doggett’s book, but not quite so exciting. Good though!)

Bowser, Kenneth (dir) Phil Ochs – There but for fortune, 2010 (A brilliant film, just perfect)

Graubard, Stephen -The Presidents, 2004 (Man, I knew nothing about U.S. politics and this book was such a help that I feel like writing to teh author and thanking him for writing it. maybe I will!)

Songs Of Innocence

Jonis, Dr Zerev –  Jewish Mlawa; it’s history, development, destruction.

Malamud, Bernard – The Assistant

Trejos, Nancy – Rockaway Beach makes waves, Washington Post, July 1st, 2011

Sokoloff M.D., Leon – The rise and decline of the Jewish quota in medical school admissions, Bull. NY Acad. Med. Vol 64, No. 4, Nov. 1992.

Roberts, Andrew – The storm of war, 2009

Staunton Military Academy Hall Of Fame,

Adams, Deanna R – Rock ‘n’ roll and the Cleveland connection

Shelton, Robert – No direction home, 1997

Sangiacomo, Michael – La Cave reunion concerts celebrate legendary short-lived folk club, Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 23, 2010.

Broadside –

Cunningham, Sis and Friesen, Gordon – Red dust and broadsides, a joint autobiography, 1999.

All the News That’s Fit To Sing

Holzman, Jac and Daws, Gavan – Follow the music

Finney, Andy – The Elektra master discogrophy –

One More Parade

Gibson, Bob and Bender, Carole – I come for to sing, 1999.

Van Ronk, Dave and Wald, Elijah – The mayor of Macdougal Street, 2006

Edmonds, Ben – Farewells and fantasies, sleevenotes

Johnson, Robert, et. al – The fight against compulsory R.O.T.C –

The Thresher

No Author –, The Thresher.

No Author – History of the USS Dace SSN 607,

Gannon, Robert – What really happened to the Thresher, Popular Science, 1964

Duncan, Gerald – No hope; how could it happen, New York Mirror, April 12th, 1963

Talking Vietnam

No Author – The Oxford Dictionary Online –

Wade, Stephen – Talking blues, NPR

Prados, John – JFK and the Diem coup, The National Security Archive,

Graubrad, Stephen – The Presidents, 2004.

West, Richard – War and peace in Vietnam, 1995

Templar, Robert – Madame Nhu obituary, The Guardian, 26th April, 2011.

Lou Marsh

Samuels, Gertrude – Death of a youth worker, Saturday Evening Post, April 1963

Power and The Glory

Sanders, Ed – Chords of Fame LP sleeve notes, 1976







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