A Phil Ochs Thing

Phil Ochs was a boy from Ohio who lived and breathed the dreams and turmoil of the 1960’s in the United States of America.

I am a boy from West Wales who has done nothing of any note through the dying embers of the 20th Century and the birth of the 21st.

This is is my attempt to bridge the gap between me and he.

Some hope! But I’ll give it a go.

It’s a site borne of ignorance. A journey through a learning process.

I flipping well adore Phil’s songs (most of them anyway) but have struggled to really understand them (most of them anyway).

I aim to start at the start and end at the end. Who knows where I’ll go in between.

I don’t pretend to know, I just intend to try.

Any corrections, opinions or suggestions please get in touch!




16 thoughts on “A Phil Ochs Thing

  1. Well done, Huw! Looking forward to future Phils Ochs things from you and the other gents.

    Sean’s Sister

  2. Muchas grassy-arse! Hoping all is well with you ma’am. Huw

  3. An American visits England on vacation. He steps into a pub to enjoy a pint. Two very large women are sitting at the other end of the bar. He overhears snippets of their conversation and notices that they’re speaking with a particular accent. He eventually works up the courage to approach them, and asks “Are you two ladies from Scotland?”

    They give him a withering look and one of them responds, “Wales, you fool!”

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  4. Jim Capaldi says:

    I’m now 62 years old, but remember Phil Ochs and that era very well. I even saw him live in concert on two occasions in the Philadelphia area. His death made me very sad. Your blog is wonderful. I will be returning to it often. Thanks for the memories — of my youth and the great Phil Ochs.

  5. protestfolk says:

    Glad that your blog is re-examining Phil’s contribution to post-1960s U.S. musical history in a more detailed and deeper way than the way it often gets presented in the “offical” Big Media/corporate media/mainstream version of post-1960s U.S. musical history; and that you’ve been sharing the Broadsides magazine archives material with your readers. There’s also a video of a public domain eulogistic folk song about Phil Ochs from the late 1970s that’s posted at the following protestfolk youtube channel link which might also interest your blog readers:

  6. Vic Sadot says:

    You’ll want to visit the Phil Ochs tribute and memorabilia collection created by his fans, titled “No More Songs: A Phil Ochs Collection”. There are many free downloads of tribute songs and Ochs interviews there.

    Check out the Phil Ochs Interview in May 1973 by Vic Sadot and Rich Lang WGTB in DC (39.62 MB) Free download at “No More Songs – A Phil Ochs Collection. Vic Sadot and Rich Lang interviewed Phil Ochs on WGTB in DC about his travels in South America and the breaking Watergate scandal that drove Nixon from the Presidency. You may have to register to download things. You can simply listen and read things of, by, and about Phil Ochs. 302 downloads of Ochs Interview since 12-12-11 (39:62 MB)

    PHIL OCHS FBI FILE by Vic Sadot was first published in 1982 in Broadside Magazine. Re-published at the Official Vic Sadot Website in 2011

    Broadside Balladeer – A Tribute to Phil Ochs by Vic Sadot, Video by Dean Banks

    Love Me I’m A Liberal – Free SoundCloud mp3 Phil Ochs’ 1966 classic gets a Vic Sadot update on “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” http://soundcloud.com/broadsideballadeer/love-me-im-a-liberal

    Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune – New movie released in 2011 about Phil

    Phil Ochs Being Remembered and Celebrated These Days! 10-31-13: A BroadsideBallad Journal at Last FM by Vic Sadot – Links to some of the developments that show new interest in, and recognition of Phil Ochs, are listed in this article! http://www.last.fm/user/broadsideballad/journal/2013/10/31/5y4nim_phil_ochs_being_remembered_&_celebrated_these_days!_10-31-13

    Phil Ochs Highlighted in Smithsonian Folkways Collection – Broadside Balladeer Blog 7-27-13

    BROADSIDE: THE NATIONAL TOPICAL SONG MAGAZINE – Political songs of engagement published by Sis Cunningham, Gordon Friesen, Now preserved at the Sing Out Magazine website! http://singout.org/broadside/

    • cootiehuw says:

      Thanks Vic. I guess there is some Ochs stuff about, if you choose to look. By the way, that interview you did with Phil in ’73 really is wonderful. Really glad to have heard it! Huw x

  7. linseeds says:

    This blog is wonderful. Im currently doing a similar project, in exploring my own relationship with Phil Ochs through illustrating his songs. This is an attempt to better understand both him and the songs. Just thought I’d let you know that your words are not only encouraging and thought-provoking, but also helpful as I try to understand his songs. Thank you!

    • cootiehuw says:

      Thank you very much! That is lovely to hear. I would really love to see some of your Phil inspired art – the art on your site is brilliant! I especially like your horns! Will you be posting the Phil art?
      Really appreciate you getting in touch. I am only doing this for myself but if anyone else can get something from it then that is a pretty fabulous bonus!
      Huw x

      • linseeds says:

        I’m rather terrible at posting things online, but ill try! I can send you a link/copy regardless if you would like. And I agree completely, Im doing this for myself, but reading through your posts is so wonderful. It’s nice to know that someone else is wading through these songs in a similar manner. I can’t wait to until you look at some of the later stuff!

  8. cootiehuw says:

    I’m rather excited about writing about the later stuff too! I’ve really been groping in the dark with a lot of the early stuff – not been feeling terribly confident about my writing neither. How did you get into Phil, if you don’t mind me asking! I really like your drawings. Definately would like like to your Phil stuff! HUw x

    • linseeds says:

      I think your writing fits rather well. It feels like your having a conversation and really discussing it with us. And the amount of research and thought you put into each post is evident, so there is no need to worry! And I’ve been developing an interest (more of an obsession, really) in Phil since middle school. His music seems to be the perfect mix of politics, passion, and sarcasm. What about you? Also, thank you for the compliments! I’m trying to also do some written pieces with the illustrations, so we’ll see how all that goes.

      • cootiehuw says:

        “Politics, passion and sarcasm” – I like that. I may steal that and use it somewhere. I got into Phil through Billy Bragg (“I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night”) but it took me a while to get into him. Actually, it took me a while to even find his records! I’m ever so glad I took the time because he’s probably the most rewarding songwriter I’ve ever heard. I’d love to use some of your art on my site, if you’d be ok with that. Let us know! You can email me – huwspink@hotmail.com

  9. Just letting you know that I’ve added your blog to the Blogs and Websites page at celebratingphilochs.com

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