Farewells (and fantasies, folks)


Its been a silly long time since writing anything on here.

I have decided to shut this site down and try and put together something proper.

My friend Christine has written an ace book about Phil which she kindly asked me to contribute to. It can be found here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Trials-Tragedies-Phil-Rehearsals-Retirement/dp/3743939630

Christine made it with real heart and passion and it made me realise that that is what I need to do. Not faff around with my ideas about Phil’s songs but make something that he deserves. Something that might last.

So, thanks to everyone who read this site. I hope it wasnt too bad.

I promise the next thing will be better.



5 thoughts on “Farewells (and fantasies, folks)

  1. Joe Whittaker says:

    Huw, There is a whole host of valued content which you have gathered and created here – what is to happen to that ? Cheers

    Joe Whittaker

    • cootiehuw says:

      Hi Joe.
      Is it really “valued content”?
      My plan is to work on it and and get it back in another – better – form.
      A blog isnt really the best format.
      Thanks for asking.


  2. gmgough says:

    I do hope you will leave this resource on-line while you work on an update/ revision/ alternative. There are some interesting ideas, some terrific analysis and yes it is a valuable resource. Geoff

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